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<<There’s nothing more challenging than what’s on the other page>> (Matt Ryan & John Pallant). And that challenging thing gets even exciting when the other "page" expects me to be filled. I'm an Italian author and content creator based in Berlin, Germany. I have experience in news writing and blogging, both in English and Italian. My passion lies especially but not only in addressing societal, political and cultural issues. I aim to tell stories from an alternative point of view, and recount facts that may not be of high resonance at first. As a visual storyteller, I also like to catch moments of the surrounding reality and attach to them words that blend together my inner vision to the photographed item.

I hold a Master's degree in Science of Communication from Gothenburg University and I have previously worked for the Swedish Institute as a Content Creator and Digital Ambassador. Back in Lecce, Italy, I have already got a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Foreign Languages and Translation studies, while co-organizing public events and being active as a students' representative and tutor. I define myself a European soul - I have lived, traveled, worked and studied in different European countries.

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